In Spain they celebrate Three Kings Day on January 6th, which has more religious importance than Dec 25th, meaning the children get a round two of gifts!

In Camping Torres everyone are inundated with locals spending a few days there to celebrate, staying in caravans or the camp’s chalets, and partying in the restaurant and bar.  Noisy!

How about celebrating with a bottle of Rosado Cava while trying to keep warm around the BBQ while baking a salmon en croute!  Yum!

Not too cold in parts of Spain this time of year. A stunning country to keep a Van during the European winter.

If you want to be outside at night in the summer and have reasonable outdoor lighting on your van, it makes a huge difference to use this 1.2 m LED light similar to a fluorescent.
It is mains powered with a radio remote, so when installed under your awning or in a tent you can turn it on or off from your electrical lighting panel.  Never use the dimmer functions.
About £40, but only if you need more light to work outside in the evenings.

LED Outside Light
LED Outside Light
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